weddingPlanning a wedding has its own set of challenges. You can never be too sure if you have prepared everything that you need for your wedding day. This is why most people ask the help of professional events planner so that they will not have to worry about the big and the not-so-big details at the wedding. If you are the bride or groom at the wedding, you would not want to sweat profusely when before, during, and after the wedding, because you forgot an essential part of the event. If you have a checklist, you can compare this reminder with yours and see if you got everything covered for your wedding.

Your clothes and footwear after the wedding

Once you are done with the wedding and see your guests going home one by one, you would want to have a relaxing time with your hubby or wife in your overnight stay at a hotel or bed-and-breakfast. You cannot wear your gown or suit the day after the event. You would need a new set of clothes and footwear when you go and spend the rest of the honeymoon somewhere else. Do not ever forget about what you will wear after the wedding.

You do not want to overspend the day after the wedding. You just shelled out thousands of dollars for the event but you would still want to save money for the marriage. What you can do is to buy new items before the wedding itself. You can use promo vouchers like the Iconic coupon code to get savings on clothes. For those who want new shoes after the wedding, you can use Charles and Keith 優惠碼. These recommended stores offer comfort, durability, and style in the products that they sell to their clients.

Do not forget about the food

Most brides and some grooms I know all went to extensive diets before the wedding. You have stayed away from your cravings and favorite food so that you will have a good wedding gown or suit fit. But after the event, you would want to satisfy all hunger and thirst. But the downside here is that you are also tired because of the wedding. You can choose to just lay on the bed and rest or you can buy your most favorite items in the supermarket beforehand. In this way, you can save money on food and still eat all the food that you did not eat for a long time. Use the Woolworths promo code to get more savings on groceries and other home items.


Extra cash

The last thing that you should remind yourself of bringing to your most special event is cash. You should never leave home without it. You need money in case you forgot something in your home that you need to buy for your wedding. Toiletries, tissues, and other minor items that you may forget because of panic or because of being hassled can be bought using the cash that you bring in your wallet.