Wedding is every girl fantasy. The planning part is not easy. Needless to mention, the cost of getting married these days is immoderate. But despite the stress that comes with it, getting married is a milestone, a life-changing event that will be carved in our memories. Before signing anything or hiring a potential wedding planner, here are the questions you should ask them, and why is it important for you to know.


What themes of weddings is your expertise?

Remember that they are just the “planner”, but the whole concept of the wedding will come from you. Wedding planners have specialties. For example, they are expert in arranging garden weddings, but church weddings are their second expertise. You may want to work with a wedding planner whose first expertise is on the theme you want. They know what to do and have already established suppliers with cupon aliexpress, so they can make the most out of the budget.

What are the limitations of your services?

This is an important question if you are planning to hire a wedding planner who will arrange everything from choosing photographers, making appointments, travel planning, choosing airbnb折扣碼, and setting up parties. Those added services may cost additional charges. But if you hire another person to do it, it will cost you anyway. It’s much better to delegate all these tasks to one person, so you will not be overwhelmed in communicating with many people.


Ask them for their portfolio of previously handled weddings

Their portfolio is their best advertizer. The portfolio itself will answer some of your questions like how many participants can they handle? Is the portfolio backing up what they are saying? Do they have what it takes to achieve the concepts you have in mind? But if you are still having doubts, ask for testimonials and references. A little online research for reviews will also be helpful.

Do you have professional indemnity insurance?

Anything can happen during a wedding including those undesirable fees from venues and rental companies. Indemnity insurance is a thoughtful way of a wedding planner that she/he is trying to protect you against those unnecessary fees. A good example of the use of indemnity insurance is when a rental company charging you for broken music equipment at your event. Indemnity insurance works like coupon adidas. It will cover those unnecessary fees due to damaged equipment or damaged/missing items owned by the venue.

How many events are you working on?

As much as possible, you want to get their full attention. Ask them how many wedding events they are handling as of the moment. If they have a couple of major events, ask how many staff and assistants do they have. It’s not worth it if they cannot focus on your special day.